DONATIONS of girls formal dresses!
    Nancy Graham, our own Onalaska School Bus Driver, is starting a collection of donated girls formal dresses for our ONALASKA Girls.  Nancy says "every girl should be able to go to the formal dances in a formal dress"  She is asking for donations of formal dresses in good condition. Her vision, is to have a pretty dressing room available, with a nice selection of dresses for our young woman to feel special while they find a dress.  Nancy is hoping to get enough dresses donated that there will be quite a selection.  She will be looking for donations from our neighboring districts as well. 

    Rich Rasanen, High School Principal, has a set area at the High School for Nancy to be able to set this vision in motion!

    If you, or anyone you know, has a formal dress that they would like to donate, please call Nancy Graham at 360-262-9466.

    The Onalaska School District has a vacant Board Director Position available,District No. 1
    Please see the posting and application under the employment/classified tab

    Staff Awards

    Thanks to all the staff for the years of service they put in and a special thanks to the winners of this year's service awards:

    Susan Johnson - 10 Years

    Patricia Petrino - 15 Years

    Wayne Nelson - 15 Years

    Carie Johnson - 15 Years

    Katherine Kassel - 20 Years

    Donna Haworth - 20 Years

    Dave Smith - 25 Years

    Audrey Wentzel - 30 Years

    Steve Coyner - 35 Years

    Some Facts About Common Core State Standards

        In an effort to provide information about common core, I wanted to give you some “frequently asked questions (FAQ) about common core in the hope that you will learn about the “how” and “why” we are implementing common core state standards in our state and 42 other states.

    What is Common Core?

    State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common Core, a set of clear college and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.  Today, 43 states have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards, which are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in two or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

    Who led the development of the Common Core State Standards?

    The nation’s governors and education commissioners, through their representative organizations, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), let the development of the Common Core State Standards.  This was not initiated by the federal government or the Obama administration, but by local state officials representing the 48 states.

    These organizations continue to lead the initiative.  Teachers, parents, school administrators, business leaders, college professors, and experts from across the country, together with state leaders, provided input into the development of the standards.

    The actual implementation of the Common Core, including how the standards are taught, the curriculum developed, and the materials used to support teachers as they help students reach the standards, is led entirely at the state and local levels.

    Feel free to visit this website for more information about common core state standards:

    Welcome to the award-winning Onalaska School District!

    School Begins on Tuesday, September 2nd at 8:15am for grades 1-12
    Kindergarten and Pre-school begin on Friday, September 5th.

    Welcome to our new staff:
    Kristin Soderback- OEMS Dean of Students
    Kelly Christie- High School Counselor
    Kaylie Card- Elementary Teacher
    Rachel Morris- Elementary Teacher
    Stacie Bowen- Elementary Teacher
    Jeff Russon- Elementary Teacher
    Jenny Stonum- Elementary Teacher
    Melissa Littles, Custodian
    Karen Hirte- CVA/ District Secretary

    *Cathy Murphy is our new Reading Specialist for grades K-5
    *Deb Richardson is teaching 5th grade this year
    *Audrey Wentzel is teaching Kindergarten
    *Beth Disney is teaching 3rd grade

    Early Release Wednesday's begin on September 10th.  School is dismissed at 1:00pm.  There is no Pre-school on Wednesdays.

    State Report Cards are being released to the public on Wednesday, August 27th.  You can go to: and click on state report card icon to view results.


    2014-15 District Calendar (pdf)

    District School Calendar

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    Aug 5, 2014, 12:59 PM
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    May 22, 2014, 10:12 AM
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    Jan 6, 2014, 8:51 AM
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    Sep 25, 2014, 2:08 PM
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