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Jeff Davis, Superintendent

Onalaska Superintendent

Superintendent Message

We are well underway with our second semester of the school year.  Our seniors are working hard to ensure they reach the 24 credits it takes to graduate and that they are fulfilling their assessment requirements through pathways established by the state.  Graduation is scheduled for Friday, June 5th in the High School Gymnasium.  At this point, it looks like we will have fifty graduating seniors!

 Elementary, middle and high school students are continuing to work on meeting the state learning standards.  Each teacher posts their learning targets and success criteria to ensure that students understand what is expected of them with each standard that is taught.  All three schools have intervention programs set up to assist those students who need some additional instruction in the areas of Math, English/Language Arts, and Science.  These interventions are built into our daily schedule in each building.  Elementary school students are offered additional tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm-5:00pm.  Transportation is provided for these students.

 We continue to offer a variety of Career and Technical Education programs in middle and high school.  Students can explore a variety of CTE courses that teach them skills that will be beneficial as they move through our system and prepare for life after high school.  We continue to explore new courses that are of interest to students, but still meet the state guidelines for career and technical pathways.

 Our school board and administration continue to work on our five-year facilities plan that includes development of current facilities, technology improvements, additional classroom space, as well as looking for ways to improve our athletic facilities.  One improvement is the construction of a new maintenance building, located behind the high school in the area previously occupied by our old greenhouse.  This will be a 2100 square foot building with an additional 700 square foot mezzanine.  It will allow us to store all of our equipment in one location, increase storage space, and create a modern workstation for projects.  Completion of the project should be around the middle of August.

 Enrollment is continuing to increase as we now have 817 FTE in the district.  That is an increase over October 1st enrollment of 794 FTE.  Our largest class is our seventh grade class with 80 students, followed closely by our sophomore class with 77 students.  Our smallest class is this year’s junior class with 43 students.  Most of our grades are now in the 60’s and 70’s.  Eight of our thirteen grade levels have above 60 students in each class and five classes have students in the 50’s, with the exception of the junior class with 43.  Every classroom in our district is being used for instructional purposes, so in the event we ever needed to hire another teacher or two, we would not have space to locate them in their own classroom.  Growth is a good problem to have, but space is a challenge that we will continue to work on.

 I encourage you to visit our schools when you can.  Talk with your child’s teacher or administrator.  There are many opportunities to volunteer in our schools.  I hope that you will continue to support the work of our teachers, para educators, food service staff, maintenance crew, transportation department, and our secretarial staff.  They all play a critical role in the success of our school district.  Thanks for your continue support!

Jeff Davis