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What is eScrip and how does it work?
Similar to the Scrip gift card program, eScrip helps the PTSA generate revenue without spending any extra money.  Retailers offer a percentage of their sale total back to qualifying schools or groups.  These purchases are routed to the school name that is associated with your store card.  

In our area, Safeway is the primary company that offers eScrip.  Sign up your Safeway card, designating Onalaska Combined PTSA as the recipient of the rebate, and there is nothing else to do!  Every time you swipe your card at Safeway, they will donate, and you don't pay any extra!  This is one of the easiest sources of funds we have to take advantage of...click the link below to sign up your card, or just email the PTSA with your name, phone number and Safeway card number and we will take care of the registration for you.  Thank you!

Onalaska PTSA email :   OnyPTSA@gmail.com