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What is Scrip?
Scrip is just another name for gift cards. When you participate in Onalaska PTSA’s scrip program, you’re purchasing the same pre-paid gift cards that you buy at the store. There are hundreds of participating retailers, from categories such as grocery stores, department and specialty stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Some of the most popular gift cards include Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Amazon . Even local retailers such as Buzz 'n Blooms, Sweet & Sassy and Lisa's Diner participate!  

How does Scrip generate revenue for Onalaska PTSA?

Participating retailers offer us a discount on gift card purchases – anywhere from 2% to 15% or more. Onalaska PTSA buys the cards at a discount, and then sells the gift cards to families at full face value. By making regular household purchases you would make anyway, you help Onalaska PTSA earn money. Proceeds from the Scrip program are returned directly to the classrooms where they are used for educational tools, field trips or class celebrations. Since the PTSA started the Scrip program in December 2011 it has raised thousands of dollars for the school.

What does it cost to participate?

Absolutely nothing! Scrip is popular because families don’t have to sell anything, and it doesn’t cost anything to participate. The retailers are essentially paying Onalaska PTSA a commission for helping them sell their gift cards, so there are no costs to you. 

How do I get started?

Onalaska PTSA places Scrip orders once per week on Tuesday. The gift cards are then delivered to the school on Friday and are distributed to your child's classroom to be taken home in their backpack. Scrip order forms are sent home regularly. Fill one out and send it back to the school with a check payable to "Onalaska PTSA". Scrip order forms can be returned the PTSA's mailbox in the Elementary School main office, or send them back with your child and hand in to their teacher.

How do I learn more?

Click here for some great videos about how Scrip works. Great Lakes Scrip is the company that processes the gift cards for us. You can even make your purchases online, setup a debit account for instant payment or refill many of the gift cards online. Some retailers also offer gift cards in electronic "coupon" form for instant use without waiting for a card to be delivered. If you have any more questions email the Onalaska PTSA at OnyPTSA@gmail.com.  Thank you for participating!

At this website you can create an account in order to place orders online. Use Onalaska PTSA's code DA2B45E929146. It is not necessary to create an account if you are using the weekly order form and paying by check.

Print your own weekly order form available below: