Onalaska Educational Park System and the Onalaska School District
Onalaska Educational Park System and the Onalaska School District

The Onalaska Educational Park System is made up of land owned by the Onalaska Alliance and the Onalaska School District.

The Park System includes the following:

Carlisle Lake and the Surrounding Forest Land
Onalaska Alliance Carlisle Lake Property

The Onalaska Alliance has worked closely with the Onalaska School District to transform Carlisle Lake and the land surrounding it into a vital portion of the Onalaska Educational Park System. Some of these changes include, Fitness and Wellness Exercise Stations and Interpretive signs of the local flora.

Ghreer Creek Wetlands North of Carlisle Lake
Ghreer Creek Wetlands

The Ghreer Creek wetland is full of invasive species but still has many native species. Our long-term goal is to remove the invasive species and build an interpretive boardwalk the would ultimately connect Carlisle Lake and the Science Center.

The Onalaska Science Center and Herold Observatory
Onalaska Science Center and Herold Observatory

The Onalaska Science Center is a place where interactive science stations
are on display for all the students and the community. The Science Center is 
work in progress and each science station is being designed and constructed 
by Onalaska High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 

Starting this fall the following interactive stations will be added:

1. Van De Graaff Generator
2. Batteries, Electricity, and Magnetism
3. Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves (more than one station)
4. Sustainable aquatic biosystems (Three 20 gallon tanks each being explored and enhanced by a current student)
5. At least four more permanent interactive stations will be added during the coming years. 
6. The Middle School STEM Robotics program is also housed in the Onalaska Science Center. 

The Herold Observatory is the largest public telescope in Western Washington. It's 24" objective (mirror) and its custom design supplies the Onalaska Educational Park System a unique educational tool. The telescope was designed and built by local experts including Ed Herold, Mike Turner, and Dennis Reich.  

Carlisle Park
Carlisle Park
Onalaska has a very diverse park system. Carlisle Park is a 10 acre stand of trees with a majority being over 150 years old. This is a rarity, and an educational treasure. Over time our goal is to take advantage of this unique setting to help students better understand Washington's historical ecological environment. 

The High School STEM class works to improve the park and the community. We are a project oriented class that learns the science of their project as we make it. We have put the exercise stations around the lake and we have projects such as a rail gun in the science center. We are in the hopes of purchasing a 3D printer, you can find more information at:

Onalaska Educational Park System Financial Support

The Onalaska Educational Park System is roughly 100 acres, and also contains a Science Center, and and the Herold Observatory.  If you believe in the continued development and maintenance of this park system, funds will continually be needed.  The Onalaska Alliance  works closely with the Onalaska High School STEM class and the Onalaska High School Science Club to continue to develop the Onalaska Educational Park System.  The Onalaska Alliance has set up an account whose sole purpose is to supply funds for the Onalaska High 
School STEM class and the Onalaska High School Science Club to continue to develop and maintain educational enhancements to the park system.  

Contact:  Johnny R. Garcia 
E-mail:  jgarcia@onysd.wednet.edu
Phone:  360-978-4111