ASB Reports

ASB Fund Information

To meet the requirements established by 2SSB 6062, the information published below are the Budget Status Reports for the district’s ASB Fund. These reports do not reflect all revenue, expenditures, accruals or all adjusting entries for their fiscal year. These entries will be posted, up until the books are closed for the current year. Complete and audited financial statements will be available at the State Auditor’s Office website at the spring following the August 31 close of the fiscal year. The district’s operating statement for prior years are obtained from the State Auditor’s website.

School districts must add updated annual information to their web sites by each August 31st, except that school districts are only required to maintain the information on the web site from the previous five years.

ASB Access and Participation

To meet the requirements established by RCW 28A.325.050, each school district with a high school must collect, report to their ASB executive board, and publish on their website additional data elements related to ASB access and participation. All of the required ASB data reporting is for high school, grades 9-12.

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