Board of Directors

The Onalaska School District provides a challenging, fair, and equitable education. The district provides each student the support and assistance needed as individuals to develop their greatest potential.

We do this by providing a strong curriculum in Math, Reading, Science, and factual History. Our goal is to teach each student to think for themselves and develop problem-solving skills which they can apply to life’s challenges. It is acknowledged that all the young people in the Onalaska School District do not start at an equitable jump-off point. To address this gap, the district provides each student the support and assistance needed as individuals. We succeed in this when our students graduate career and college ready.

Any effort to lump people into a collective group and attribute characteristics to that group based on generalizations or stereotypes has no place in the Onalaska School District. Our school is not a political or partisan organization. Staff may not add their personal bias to the lessons and are not to teach outside of the curricula adopted by the district. That said, the district will enforce enacted Washington State and US federal laws as pertain to education and school districts.

As we respect each individual’s unique dignity, we will not adopt or endorse any version of the Critical Race Theory.

Ms. Tanya Naillon


District #1

Ms. Pam Kinsman


District #2

Ms. Heidi Howard


District #3

Mr. Gabe Hamilton


Position #4-At Large

Mr. Steven Legg


Position #5-At Large

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Public Comments

Public Comments are welcome at every regular board meeting. Please state your name and topic to record in the minutes and limit your speech to 3 minutes.

The Open Public Meetings Act does not allow the Board to discuss, comment upon, or make decisions on topics that were not published in the agenda. This is done so everyone will see what topics the board will act upon during the meeting. This is why we simply say thank you when you have finished speaking during Public Comments or ask an administrator to follow up.

If you want to present a topic to the board: a letter from you about your topic needs to be delivered to the district office the Monday before the board meeting so your topic can be added to the agenda. This will allow the board to discuss and, if needed, act upon the agenda item during the regular board meeting.