2012-2013 Events

The 3rd annual Jog-a-Thon was better than ever! Preschool through 8th grades ran around the High School track under the sun and blue sky. In total, these students ran more than 2,400 laps (over 600 miles)!!! That's far enough to run from here to...well...600 miles away!!

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this a wonderful day. Thank you to the Mr. Stingley's pep band and the cheerleaders for providing a great atmosphere that kept the kids motiviated. Thank you to Mr. Bower for coordination at the track. Thank you to all the teachers and paras for making time in your busy day to allow these young athletes to RUN!!


K-2 Division - Rylan McGraw and Hunter Niemi (tie) 9 laps

3-5 Division - Gunnar Talley, 11 laps

6-8 Division - Lazaro Rodriguez and Victor (Ernie) Roque (tie), 14 laps

All Division winners receive a $25 gift card to Big 5, Nike or Under Armour.

Individual Grade Winners!!

These K-6 received $5 gift certificates to either Buzz N Bloom, Brenda's Country Market or Pizza Girl.

K- Rebecca Thayer, Case McGraw, Christian Martin: 8 laps each

1st grade- Rylan McGraw 9, Issac Fitch 8, Coleson Myhre, 8.

2nd- Hunter Niemi 9, Logan Kreger 8, Dillan Krause 8.

3rd grade- Gunnar Talley 11, Mason Ulery 10, Elian Villanueva 10.

4th Grade- Cole Zandell, Colby Neumeyer, Dimitry Uvarov, 9 each

5th grade- Cade Lawrence 10, Trent Sherwood 9, Lucas Kreger 9

6th grade- Zach White 11, Shana McGovern 8, Ashley Pankuuk 8

7/8- Victor Roque, Lazaro Rodriguez, 14 each.

Mrs. Petrino's Kindergarten class raised the most pledge dollars and will receive a Sno-Cone party (Thank you Mrs. Dalsted!!).

2nd graders make a dash for it at the starting line.

One of the top runners cruises around the turn.

Getting stretched out before the run.

Middle schoolers chalking up another lap.

1st graders get rehydrated after their run.

Another top runner pushing towards the finish line.

A close group! Who will take the lead?

All that running can be tiring!

On Friday, May 31st, the Pacific Science Center brought their "Space Odyssey" program to Onalaska Elementary and Middle Schools. The amazing day included a science assembly in the morning, space themed exhibits in the music room and individual class lessons for many students. Some of those lessons utilized the two giant inflatable planetariums that were set up in the gym. Thank you to everybody that made this day possible by participating in PTSA fundraisers, organizing and volunteering the time to help. Thank you to the school administration and staff for allowing us to bring this exciting program to the school and for rearranging schedules to maximize our students exposure to this high quality science program!

Pacific Science Center staff demonstrating the relative sizes of the Earth, moon and sun at assembly.

The music room was turned into a mini science museum for the day!

Students learn about the forces generated by a gyroscope.

Future astronauts learn how to manipulate a robotic arm.

Mrs. Vogel-Wilson's class wearing their diffraction grating glasses that allowed them to view the spectra of different light sources.

Students observed the unique patterns of light sources and how scientists can use these to identify gasses in far away stars.

Mrs. Wentzel's class poses in front of the planetarium in which they learned about the stars.

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Read-a-Thon!

170 students participated and read more than 91,000 minutes!!

Read-a-thon prize winners from the elementary school.

Click for more pictures of the elementary school prize winners.

...and some of our Middle School prize winners!

Mrs. Ethell's 4th grade class won the door decorating contest!

The mischievous Cat in the Hat showed up at assembly!

Who could that be?