I've heard of a PTA, what is PTSA?

PTSA means Parent, Teacher, Student Association. Students are able to become voting members of a PTSA. Otherwise our function is the same as a PTA and is under the umbrella of the Washington State PTA and National PTA.

What does Onalaska PTSA do?

We volunteer our time in order to enhance the education and school opportunities for our children and community. We partner with the school, our teachers, our community and our children in activities that support the global PTA purpose of "work for the health, welfare, safety, education, care and protection of children in the home, school, community and place of worship".

Ok, but what does the PTSA actually DO??

We help organize and fund field trips. We support healthy kids through an annual Jog-a-thon. We sponsor a K-8 read-a-thon to help more kids discover the joys of reading. We sponsor educational activities such as a day with the Pacific Science Center. We help students learn about saving and shopping, but most importantly giving to others at our annual Santa Shop. We participate in the Onalaska Apple Harvest Festival with the "KidVenture" Center.

I don't have a lot of spare time, but how can I help?

You can show your support just by joining the PTSA. You don't need to dedicate lots of time; pick something that you like to do! Let us know what you do well, what you're passionate about and if you have any special skills. Whether you have lots of time to help, or maybe just an hour here and there...or even none at all but you just want to stay informed, join the PTSA. It doesn't take much to make an impact. Our most valuable asset is people like you!

What are the membership dues?

$10 per person. $8 of the membership dues are paid to the state and national PTA and the remaining $2 goes into our fund to help maintain our organization.

When and where are PTSA meetings?

The second Tuesday of each Month at 6:30 pm in the elementary gym.

Can anybody join the PTSA?

Yep! Even community members who don't have children in school can join.