Every time you use an internet search engine, part of the results are paid advertisements by companies who want their results displayed. GoodSearch sends half of that advertisement revenue to participating non-profit groups, such as Onalaska PTSA. It all adds up to about 1 penny per search. Not much, but think of how often you use search engines, and then multiply that by many people. It all adds up!

Click here to be directed to GoodSearch with Onalaska PTSA already pre-selected as your charity of choice. You should see our name in the square in the middle underneath "you're supporting". Make it your home page, or download their handy toolbar with a search window built in so it is always accessible. It's easy and seamless. You don't have to register unless you want to track your earnings. You don't have to buy anything...just use it like you would any other search engine.

And for another easy way to help fund the PTSA, use GoodShop. Many retailers offer donations to non-profits as a percentage of purchase through GoodShop. All you have to do to take advantage of this free money is click through to that retailer from the GoodShop website. Again, make sure you have already selected Onalaska PTSA as your charity of choice. So if you are making an online purchase, see if that retailer is featured on the GoodShop site. Click through and then just do your transaction like normal.

Click here to see how much we have raised so far by using GoodSearch and GoodShop!

Shoparoo! A hassle free fundraiser all you have to so is shop! That’s right, shop. This fundraiser is an app you use on your smart phone or tablet. Save all your shopping receipts over $10, take a picture of them through the app and submit it! That simple. Each receipt is worth points and points are worth money. At the end of the school year PTSA will receive money for the points earned through your shopping. The more people that participate the more points and money we receive for our school. The more money the more points. It's legit. It’s easy. It’s free. It helps our school! Go to this address inter code misp9250, Amber Sullivan is a main name on the account! Happy shopping!

Thank you!