March 2, 2021
First Grade Celebrates Seuss!
green eggs and ham
seuss books
The first-grade students celebrate Dr. Seuss Day!

They celebrated with green eggs and ham (green vanilla pudding and a wafer cracker) but they didn’t know that at first!

They also read ALOT of Dr. Seuss classics.

February 22, 2021
Congratulations to the OHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chapter members who competed and represented our community virtually in the Southwest Regional Winter Leadership Conference this past month.  

It has been a different year this time as students could not be in person for the FBLA Conference. This year, students are learning to adjust and adapt to the new way of managing conferences successfully through technology.  Many schools in SW Washington participated in the conference; Vancouver, Union, Washougal, Toutle Lake, Heritage, Mark Morris, Castle Rock, La Center, and Onalaska.

The following Onalaska FBLA students are now eligible to compete at April's State Business Leadership Conference, as they have qualified in their event.  

Advertising - 4th Emily Greiner and 6th Carmen Ibarra (Business and Marketing/Yearbook)
Business Calculations - 6th Mackenzie Coleman, 5th James McMillion, 4th Hope Rhodes (Financial Literacy students)
Help Desk - 1st Mackenzie Craney (IT Academy)
Introduction to Business Communications - 5th Emily Greiner (IT Academy)
Introduction to Event Planning - 5th Mackenzie Craney (IT Academy)
Management Decision Making - 2nd Dylan Zigler and Julia Parker (Business and Marketing students/Yearbook)
Marketing - 4th Jeffrey Lines, 5th Ismael Baires (Sports Marketing)
Personal Finance - 5th Hope Rhodes, 6th Place James McMillion (Financial Literacy students)
Sports and Entertainment Management - 1st Ismael Baires (Sports Marketing Students)
and 2nd Jeffrey Lines 
Word Processing -  1st Rylan McGraw, 2nd Conner Blair, 3rd Emily Briggs, 4th Addy Ashley (IT Academy students)

February 16, 2021 

When the weather changed from rain to snow this past week, 6th-grade science students studied how snowflakes were formed and then went outside to collect samples and take photographs of snowflakes with Mrs. Richardson.

Students learned how math plays an important part in forming the six-sided snowflake.

February 10, 2021 
OHS Hathchery Receives Fish
This week, the Onalaska High School Aquaculture Program received 102,000 Coho Salmon from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Skookumchuck Fish Hatchery. They are planned to be released to Gheer Creek on April 1st. They will, hopefully, return in 3-4 years. 

The Coho are located in the net pens on Carlisle Lake alongside 35,000 Steelhead and 10,000 Rainbow Trout. Students will be feeding and taking care of all the fish in these net pens. If you are interested in watching the feeding process, please contact Kevin Hoffman at the Onalaska High School.

February 8, 2021

OSD Sports Events/Covid-19 Guidelines

Don't be the Reason
Sports are back! We are excited to get your athletes back on the field and court in a safe manner. We know that you are excited to see them competing as well. With that in mind, we will follow the WA State Guidelines:


  • We are allowed to have no more than 200 people in our facilities, which includes all players, coaches, officials, etc.
  • After going through the bleachers and checking capacity, it looks as though we may be limited to about 80 spectators for indoor events.
  • Spectator numbers for outdoor events will fluctuate based on how many athletes, coaches, etc. are participating.
  • Only home spectators will be allowed entry. No visiting families or fans from the opposition will be allowed entry. This is a league rule.
  • In addition, we must accommodate for proper distancing between household groups. However, the league has agreed to live stream all events. We are working on the details. We will communicate the links for live stream via our website and through your children.

Attending Games

As you can imagine, there will be some different processes for fans who are able to attend games:

  • Only those with a ticket will be allowed into the game
  • Masks are required at all times in our facilities.
  • Each ticket will have a COVID attestation form on the back for you to sign.
  • We will be taking temperatures at the door.
  • We will be enforcing 6-foot distancing between households in the stands. We will give one warning to those who do not comply. If that warning is not heeded, you will be asked to leave the facility.

If we all follow these rules, we can continue to have our athletes compete. Please don't be the reason we lose our season.


  • Only those with a ticket will be allowed into the game. Any available tickets must be arranged prior to the event. There will be no ticket sales at the gates.
  • Tickets will go out to people a day or two prior to the contest.
  • The first priority is to provide tickets for the parents of the athletes first, then immediate family members within reason, and ultimately to some of the members of the student body.
  • With these limited numbers of spectators. The hope is to be able to provide, at minimum, 2 tickets for each athlete in uniform.
  • For some sports/contests, we may be able to offer more than that. The goal is to get as many people in our facility as possible, while still following all of the protocols.
  • We will also grant priority based on class (seniors, then juniors, etc.) as needed.
  • Watch for a letter to every athlete’s parents prior to each contest to help determine the ticket distribution. It will be a monumental task and we will need your patience and understanding.

Video Streaming

  • If you can’t make it to the games, there is still a chance for you to watch, as the league has agreed to live stream all events. We are working on the details.
  • We will communicate the links for live stream via our website and through your children.

Sports are back but it will take community teamwork to continue to provide these special memories for our student-athletes. WE CAN DO IT FOR THE KIDS! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email the Athletic Director. We all want to make the best of this difficult situation, and we can do that by working together.

winter solstice
Winter Events:

covid update
COVID-19 Update: 
Feb. 2, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians of Onalaska Students: 

I hope your new year is off to a great start.  We continue to work hard at keeping our schools safe for your students and our staff.  In order to keep face-to-face instruction, we need to be diligent in our efforts to make sure that staff and students are masked, that they are social distancing as much as possible, especially in our classrooms, wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer, disinfect our classrooms and other areas nightly with an approved Covid-19 disinfectant.  I want to thank all of our staff, from teachers to secretaries, to bus drivers, to paraeducators, to food service staff, to building administrations, and especially our maintenance staff.

All of these folks in our school system deserve a big “thank you” for making sure we keep school safe for our students.  I truly appreciate their efforts.

Since we have been back in school on January 4th, we have had 21 cases of students being exposed to someone with a positive Covid-19 test and we also have had 7 students test positive for Covid-19.  Once we are notified by parents/guardians or the county health department, we determine when the exposure or infection occurred and then tell families how many days they need to be quarantined at home.  We have had great cooperation from our families on letting us know as soon as possible of exposures or of positive tests.  We also have been diligent in getting the word out to families of children who may have come into contact with a Covid-19 positive student.  This also includes notifying parents/guardians of students who may have ridden on the same school bus.  We have done the best we can to notify as soon as possible and then ask parents/guardians to keep an eye out for symptoms as well and letting them make the choice to keep their child at home and go to distance learning.  During all of this Covid-19 pandemic, we have not had one incident where a student or staff member has been infected at school.  All of our contact tracings has been because students have come into contact at home, at friends or relative’s homes, or from other locations.  We want to continue to make sure that schools are safe for students and staff, and that due to our efforts, we can continue to have face-to-face instruction.

Vaccines are slow to get out so far.  The county only gets so many doses of the vaccine and are still working on getting those people in Phase 1A and 1B vaccinated.  Our hope is that as more vaccines roll out, we can begin to get staff who want a vaccine, vaccinated.  We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of the vaccine rollout.

Lastly, as you probably have heard, the Governor moved our region to Phase 2, which means that our traditional fall sports season is underway.  As long as we stay in Phase 2, we will be able to have competition in Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Football, and Cross Country.  In order to make this work, the state health department is requiring continued temperature-taking of all student-athletes as well as answering the health questions prior to each practice.  There are also requirements for social distancing and the wearing of masks.  I know this is challenging for our student-athletes, but if we are to make this work, we need to continue to follow the guidance of our health departments.  The last thing we want to happen is in two weeks, have to go back to Phase 1 and not have students compete.  It will take a concerted effort by all to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Thanks to all of you for your assistance in helping to keep our schools open by keeping sick children home as well as alerting us when there is a positive Covid case or an exposure.  Let’s continue to keep these lines of communications open, and together we can make this work!

Jeff Davis, Superintendent


2 de Febrero de 2021

Estimados Padres de Familia,

Espero que este nuevo año haya tenido un gran comienzo. Seguimos trabajando duro para mantener nuestras escuelas seguras para sus estudiantes y nuestro personal. Para mantener la instrucción persona a persona, debemos ser diligentes en nuestros esfuerzos para asegurarnos de que el personal y los estudiantes estén siempre usando las mascaras, que estén a distancia social tanto como sea posible, especialmente en nuestras aulas, lavarnos las manos con frecuencia y desinfectante, desinfectamos  nuestras aulas y otras áreas todas las noches con un desinfectante Covid-19 aprobado. Quiero agradecer a todo nuestro personal, desde maestros, secretarias, conductores de autobuses, para educadores, personal de servicio de alimentos, administraciones de edificios y especialmente a nuestro personal de mantenimiento.  Todas estas personas en nuestro sistema escolar merecen un gran "gracias" por asegurarse de que mantengamos la escuela segura para nuestros estudiantes. Realmente aprecio sus esfuerzos.

Desde que regresamos a la escuela el 4 de Enero, hemos tenido 21 casos de estudiantes expuestos a alguien con una prueba Covid-19 positiva y también hemos tenido 7 estudiantes con pruebas positivas de Covid-19. Una vez que los padres / tutores o el departamento de salud del condado nos notifican, determinamos cuándo ocurrió la exposición o la infección y luego les informamos a las familias cuántos días deben permanecer en cuarentena en casa. Hemos tenido una gran cooperación de nuestras familias para informarnos lo antes posible de exposiciones o pruebas positivas. También hemos sido diligentes en hacer correr la voz a las familias de niños que pueden haber entrado en contacto con un estudiante positivo de Covid-19. Esto también incluye notificar a los padres / tutores de los estudiantes que pueden haber viajado en el mismo autobús escolar. Hemos hecho todo lo posible para notificar lo antes posible y luego pedirles a los padres / tutores que también estén atentos a los síntomas y dejarles tomar la decisión de mantener a su hijo en casa e ir al aprendizaje a distancia. Durante toda esta pandemia de Covid-19, no hemos tenido un incidente en el que un estudiante o miembro del personal se haya infectado en la escuela. Todo nuestro rastreo de contactos se debe a que los estudiantes se han puesto en contacto en casa, en casas de amigos o parientes, o desde otros lugares. Queremos seguir asegurándonos de que las escuelas sean seguras para los estudiantes y el personal y que, gracias a nuestros esfuerzos, podamos seguir recibiendo instrucción presencial.

Las vacunas estan en camino de una manera lenta. El condado solo recibe un número limitado de dosis de la vacuna y todavía está trabajando para vacunar a las personas en la Fase 1A y 1B. Nuestra esperanza es que a medida que se implementen más vacunas, podamos comenzar a vacunar al personal que desea una vacuna. Continuaremos manteniéndolo informado sobre el progreso del lanzamiento de la vacuna.

Por último, como probablemente haya escuchado, el gobernador trasladó nuestra región a la Fase 2, lo que significa que nuestra tradicional temporada deportiva de otoño está en marcha. Mientras estemos en la Fase 2, podremos tener competencia en Voleibol, Fútbol Femenino, Fútbol Americano y Cross Country. Para que esto funcione, el Departamento de Salud del Estado requiere que todos los estudiantes atletas sigan tomando la temperatura y que respondan las preguntas de salud antes de cada práctica. También existen requisitos para el distanciamiento social y el uso de máscaras. Sé que esto es un desafío para nuestros estudiantes-atletas, pero si queremos que esto funcione, debemos continuar siguiendo la guía de nuestros Departamentos de Salud. Tenemos que tener las precauciones necesarias requeridas por la Estado.

Lo último que queremos que suceda es que en dos semanas tengamos que volver a la Fase 1 y que los estudiantes no compitan. Se necesitará un esfuerzo concertado de todos nosotros para asegurarse de que esto no suceda.

Gracias a todos ustedes por su ayuda para ayudar a mantener abiertas nuestras escuelas manteniendo a los niños enfermos en casa y alertándonos cuando hay un caso positivo de Covid o una exposición. ¡Sigamos manteniendo abiertas estas líneas de comunicación y juntos podemos hacer que esto funcione!

Jeff Davis, superintendente

February 22, 2021
School Board Meeting, via Video
When: March 22, 2021 06:00 PM
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