September 9, 2022

Gender Inclusive Schools

For full transparency with our parents, students, and community and in compliance with Federal Law, Washington State Law, and OSPI, the Onalaska School District (OSD) developed Gender-Inclusive Schools Policy 3211 and Procedure 3211P on September 23, 2019 that aligned with Washington State laws related to gender-inclusive schools and anti-discrimination. OSD will adhere to serving all students fairly and equally.

In accordance with Federal and Washington State laws and policy, students have the right to express their gender at school, without discrimination or harassment. Schools must allow students to use the restroom or locker room that corresponds to their consistent gender identity. ANY student who requests greater privacy for any reason has access to an alternative restroom or changing area. These locations are designated at the high school office and at the elementary/middle school office, each containing a single stall and gender neutral space. Additionally, schools must allow all students to participate in physical education and athletics that correspond to their gender identity per the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Every student has the right to an inclusive, supported learning environment and safe space.

Questions should be directed to: Kristin Soderback, Superintendent, Title IX Officer, Civil Rights Coordinator

Onalaska School District policies, laws, and other information pertaining to Gender Inclusive Schools can be found at the following links:

Onalaska School District Policy 3211- Gender Inclusive Schools

Onalaska School District Policy 3211P- Gender Inclusive Schools Procedure

WAC 392-172-588: OSD Nondiscrimination

Chapter 28A.642 RCW: Discrimination Prohibition

Chapter 49.60 RCW : Washington Law Against Discrimination

OSPI: Gender Inclusive Schools

WIAA Handbook