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September 21, 2021


Board Meeting

When: September 27, 2021 06:00 PM. School board meeting. New location, Elementary Dining Hall. Open Public Meeting, Also available VIA Zoom by using the Zoom link below:


Or Telephone:

+1 253 215 8782

Webinar ID: 943 3214 8972

Passcode: 117350


September 14, 2021

Update on Onalaska Schools

As of this writing, we are in our third week of school. We are excited to have our students back for face-to-face learning. Even though we still have public health measures we are dealing with, our staff have embraced having all of our students back in the classrooms.

We have all been through a lot since March 13, 2020, when schools were shut down and we went to remote learning. Since that time, we have learned how to provide learning opportunities under some pretty difficult situations. I am proud of the work our staff has done since that time in trying to provide a semblance of educational opportunities for our students. It has not been easy, but here we are, our doors are open and students are glad to be back with their peers and their teachers and support staff.

Our current challenge is getting all of our staff either fully vaccinated by October 18th or qualifying for a medical or religious exemption. To date, we have 47% of our staff who have turned in their vaccination verification. There are more of our staff who have been fully vaccinated, but need to turn in verification. This certainly has been a challenge for all of us. We will be working on contingency plans if we cannot retain 100% of our current staff. I am confident that our doors will remain open after October 18th and we will continue to provide an education to all of our students who are on campus. We have about a month to get this done.

After our first few weeks of school, our enrollment is holding steady. We are 33 students under our budgeted enrollment. By comparison, last September, we started the year 37 students under budget. By the time we include our Running Start students, we will drop that number to about 28 under budgeted enrollment. We anticipate reaching our budgeted enrollment number in the coming months. Last year, we finished the year with an average enrollment that was 24 FTE (full-time equivalent) above our budgeted amount. We continue to see growth in our schools as families are still moving to Onalaska.

I want to thank all of our families who are assisting us in making school work under these circumstances. Our staff appreciates the support from our parents and guardians who continue to send students to our schools. I am very proud of our staff and the work that they all have done to create a safe and secure environment for all students who come to our schools. It hasn’t been easy, but if we continue to work together and support each other, we can make this work.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our staff or administrative team if you have questions.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support of Onalaska Schools.

Jeff Davis



September 13, 2021

OHS Aquaculture Goes to Work.

OHS Aquaculture Students work alongside the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to "mark" 35,000 Steelhead. Marking is a process where all the adipose fins are cut off to mark the fish as Hatchery fish. Each year the program releases 35,000 Steelhead smolts into Gheer Creek.

September 20, 2021

Outdoors Learning Is the Best!

First-grade students enjoy the sunshine while learning their double facts! They even used some sparkly chalk. Read-to-self was also done to soak up those last summer rays!

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September 13, 2021

OHS CTE Students Reclaim Carlisle Park.

OHS students are learning lifelong skills like operating chain saws, using large lawn mowers, and tractors to remove overgrown vegetation in Carlilse Lake Park.

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August 25, 2021

A note about school meal applications.

Even though school meals are available at no cost to all students for the 2021-22 school year, we are still accepting and processing school meal applications.

School meal applications are also used for P-EBT cards, free & reduced fees for other services and programs, and also for school funding.

Completed applications are turned in to Food Service for processing. If you or guardians have any questions please contact Jerry Carlson, Food Services Director.

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June 30, 2021

Order YearBooks now.

Use your google login.

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June 15, 2021

Emergency Broadband Benefit

On May 12, 2021 the FCC announced that households can apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit, a program to help families and households struggling to afford internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic.


For more information visit: www.fcc.gov/broadbandbenefit

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